Guy Replaces Ex-Wife Tattoo With Epic Cover Up

One thing you should always keep in mind about tattoos, never, I mean never, get someone’s face or name on your body, only if this is some of your relatives or a very dear friend. Some say this option is the kiss of death for your future relationships, one massive bang in the face from your own fate.

Some people simply feel the urge to break this simple rule and after they break it, they realise they have made a big mistake, having to carry on their body memories that are probably bad for them.

There are few ways to repair such mistakes regarding a bad tatoo, removal being a slow and quite expensive process with no 100% guarantee that your flesh will be the same again. The problem is that in order to cover some ink, you have to use more ink. Better be good next time!

One Reddit user provided us with a perfect example of how he managed to get the perfect cover up.

SomeJagaloon sent us his amazing picture via Imgur and Redidit under the title “My friend decides to cover up the tattoo of his ex wife!” That surely summed up many of the harsh moments his relationship had, all in one single tattoo.

The artist that made the cover up was Jojo Ackerman who works at Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Ackerman showed the before and after pics on his Instagram page — quite epic don’t you think so?

imgur wifeIf you have a cover up on your body, we would love to see it!

Porn Site Comes To Help The LGTB Comunity With Cool Methods


If you know what a seige is then you will surely know that the first thing you should do is to cut off the enemy supplies. XHamster did exactly that by trying to convince the North Carolina state to prevent cities and counties  from passing LGTB rights rules

Starting 12.20 on EDT on Monday, users from North Carolina have been banned from accessing their favorite xxx videos and instead they were allowed to see only a black screen! Quite harsh for an average porn user. What a stunning idea.


The spokesman from XHamster said that watching the wide range of LGTB content on their site is enough to understand whose side are they fighting for in this xxx war.

“We have spent the last 50 years fighting for equality for everyone and these laws are discriminatory which does not tolerate,” he said in an official statement sent to The Huffington Post. “Judging by the stats of what you North Carolinians watch, we feel this punishment is a severe one. We will not standby and pump revenue into a system that promotes this type of garbage. We respect all sexualities and embrace them.”

Watching the latest stats, North Carolina might not be as straight as you think.

“Back in March, we had 400,000 hits for the term ‘Transsexual’ from North Carolina alone,” he said. “People from that state searched ‘Gay’ 319,907 times,” he added.


The black screen will be replaced with a petition in which a demand to repeal this useless law will be provided.

“Hopefully, it will get as many signatures as the ‘transsexual’ searches,” he said.


If other great porn tubes will come with us on this trip then we might hope for North Carolina to act properly and accordingly to the 21 st. century. It’s quite scary to think about the huge power porn content has over most of us!

Comedian Reads Fake Books Covers On Train To Prank Commuters


When on a train, there’s always a 99% chance for some one to do or say something stupid as well as someone to watch you in secret!

They might spy you and enjoy what you are doing or some might watch your texts or your book.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky decided to take this to another level and prank those curious fuckers with something really funny. He took fake book covers to the undreground and began reading.

 Slut-Shaming Your Baby, Trump: The Art of Fucking Your Daughter and Ass Eating Made Simple, titles that really caught the attention. However, Mein Kampft For Kids and 1,000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS are the ones that definitely kicked ass!

Have You Ever Heard About A Secret Inbox On Facebook?

Few weeks ago I found this interesting thing about Facebook, a “secret” inbox which allowed me to see what people sent me in the past. Had a good laughs, I can assure you! Being a writer for you can only imagine the load of shit people is sending me via Facebook messenger. No need to leave examples, all I can say is that I will stop checking that secret inbox for a very long period of time!

Hmm, I am lying. I am addicted to this secret inbox. Believe me, it’s really, really funny!!!

So, the name is “filtered inbox” and I bet you didn’t knew such fancy thing even existed on Facebook. Probably you are exhausted by tons of messages from your ex , that chick from college who’s now selling you natural juice online and from time to time links you with a porn site. That’s life mate!

Here’s how you can access it

On your phone

  1. Go on your Messenger app
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’
  3. Then ‘People’
  4. Tap on ‘Message Requests’
  5. Finally, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘See Filtered Requests’


On desktop

  1. Click on ‘Messages’
  2. Then ‘See All’
  3. At the top there’s a drop down menu called ‘More’ – click it
  4. Click ‘Filtered’
  5. Bask in the horrifying realisation that you’ve been ignoring people for months
    I have no clue why some of the messages go into “MEssage Requests” and others into “Filtered” maybe it’s because Facebook knows how nasty some of the messages are.

    Go on, have fun with this creepy inbox!

    Also, if you feel the need to share some of your funny or weird messages with us, feels free to write to us –  who knows maybe you will become famous on our site!

Photo Of Keanu Reeves Turns Into Mass Photoshop Adventure

keanu 2 keanu 3 keanu 4 keanu 5 keanu 6 keanu 7

Nothing out of the ordinary with this young Keanu Reeves picture sitting on a rock and maybe thinking about his future, no?

Simple, a bit strange maybe, but in the end, nothing that might seem bizzare

What if a bunch of photoshop geeks would start to improve this simple picture with their imagination and weird ideas? Hmmm, what then you say?

The last one I think it’s the best! Well done Photoshop geniuses!

Enjoy Spring With The New Bicycle Tiny Flower Vase

Bikes have always been the perfect alternative to cars and being healthy in the same time with saving the planet has always been a cool thing. Now, with this new adorable and sweet little flower vases, you get to enjoy a healthy life by riding your own little garden of flowers.

Seems quite amazing to get to ride your bike and also enjoy gorgeous little flower vases, all the time and whenever you like. This cool little product is a really cool way to accessorize your bike, that way, you combine two things in one and also you improve your bike riding experiences with something really beautiful.

These awesome little vases of flowers have been created by Colleen Jordan, a designer and artist from Atlanta. She also runs a company which provides accessories for you to carry flowers wherever you go. Each vase is 3D printed then finished by hand with an easy to attach system for your bike included. The company also provides 3D printed jewels, jewels which contain small and tiny living plants.

Colleen gets her inspiring ideas from the surrounding nature, but also had some inspiration from her professors at Georgia Tech and Lund University, which showed some interest in her ideas.

“Almost every professor I presented this idea to said I couldn’t explore it in their class, which of course motivated me to make these machinations a reality.”

Scaphism also called “the boat” was a very harsh way to die

Scaphism also called “the boat” was a very harsh and painful ancient method of torture used by the Persians, a method which always lead the death.
The victim was placed between two boats, with his feet, hands and head fully exposed. Sometimes, instead of boats, the perpetrators were using tree trunks. After that, the victim was forced in swallowing a huge amount of honey and milk, two ingredients which were known to cause severe diarrhea, numerous insects being attracted to such condition. The victim was also rubbed with extra honey in order for more insects to come and feast, in the end, all this leading to a certain death in agony and pain. There’s no doubt that this method of torture was very harsh and horrible.

Almost all the time, this torture lasted for days, time in which the victim was being eaten alive by the insects. Even if a victim was to survive the first attempt, he was brought to shore and once again, covered in honey for more and more torture. That’s one ugly way to die.